Web3.0 NFT Marketplace on Gate.io

UI Design | Web&Mobile

Gate.io NFT marketplace

Project Overview

Web3.0 Marketplace is a place for NFTs and Crypto collectibles lovers. Users can purchase, create, sell and auction their digital items in a decentralised way. Within the constraints of digital space, users are looking to trade NFTs across different blockchain networks, and combining resources from other marketplaces is a step closer in the right direction. We are building a seamless NFT-purchasing experience for Gate.io users and yet more to come.

My Role
As the main UI designer for the Web 3.0 NFT Marketplace project, I worked closely with stakeholders to synthesise business/user requirements, communicated design recommendations, produced useable and artistic user interfaces, did design walkthrough post-development and provided feedback to dev team.
1 UX designer, 2 UI designers, 1 PM, 4+ Devs.
Feb. 2023 - Apr. 2023; launched at testnet.
Figma, Jira, Lark, Skype

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