Institutional Landing Page on Gate.MT

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Project Overview

Gate.MT is a subsidiary of and operates Crypto exchange services in Malta and European Union. The main focus in the first quarter of 2023 is expanding European institutional clients, which requires the design team to develop an institutional landing page that matches with clients' profiles.

My Role
As the main designer of the project, I worked closely with stakeholders to synthesise business requirements, produced useable and artistic user interfaces, designed walkthrough post-development and provided feedback to dev team.
2 UX/UI Designers, 1 Visual Designer, 1 PM, 2 Devs
Mar - May 2023
Figma, Lark, Skype
Launched in May 2023
How might we
create an institutional landing page that matches European client profiles?
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Define Usersđź’ˇ

I commenced my design process by conducting an initial UX discovery to understand the characteristic of the institutional client.

The term “institutional client” refers to a group of investors and entities that manage other people’s money. They can be Crypto Funds, private companies, crypto whales and even governments. They are the largest investors and have vast control in the crypto market. Institutional clients have common characteristics: few in number, have a tremendous influence on prices, resourceful & knowledgeable, sensitive to price volatility and savvy. According to our user feedback, institutional clients seek professionalism, positivity, reputation and profit-making places to trade.

Analyse Competitorsđź’­

Looking at the popular players in the space, we discovered two possible directions to structure Gate.Malta landing page.

By breaking down page structures, we found out competitors have these different modules with, to further build trust, enhance brand image and highlight feature advantages, which we can consider having those modules in the landing page.

Feature Analysis 🧩

Gate.MT can align our existing features that are quite popular in the market with European competitors.

We identified similar features offering across competitors: Lending service, OTC service, OTC derivatives and Custody and Asset Management. After gathering this information, we consulted with Gate.MT team and PMs to make sure these features are aligned with business needs and licence constraints.

Feature Comparison

Consulting our findings đź”’

After having a general idea of what the competitors are doing and what page structure, feature and colour scheme we can go down with, we then consulted findings and came up with a conclusion with Gate.MT team and PMs.

For the page structure, we decided to go with the 2nd direction to focus on Brand and efficiency. From the users' perspective, they prefer to know feature benefits (cheaper fees, better profits etc.) to choose us over competitors.

We had to consider carefully what features we could provide due to market popularity and licence constraints. Spot Trading, Broker Program, Custody and Asset Management and VIP Program are Gate.MT first four main features in 2023.

We also developed a team page to introduce Gate.MT team to build trust in the local market.

Design Goals (business goals)


Visually Appealing

Since the landing page has lots of text content, I collaborate with a visual designer to make the page looks visually rich.


Maximise user conversion

Place customer conversion portals in both hero section and bottom to increase user conversion rates.



Each feature is listed with three main advantages, combining branding and data analytics to enhance credibility in the local market.


We then turned the PRD into low-fidelity wireframes to showcase layout and content clearly.

#Hero section

#Feature Summary

#Feature 1: Spot Trading

#Feature 2: Broker Program

#Feature 3: Custody and asset management

#Feature 4: VIP Program



Final Design
Gate.Malta Institutional Page,
Get in touch with your EU-regulated and secured crypto exchange today.
Check out the live site

My thought on the project

We all wished we had more time to understand user needs and polish the product. However, this project faced a really tight timeline and needed to be live ASAP, which I think is normal in the business and UX spaces. 

In the next step, we will focus more on post-launch evaluation and conduct user testings to see what we can improve and iterate from there. 

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